Your SLV.Global Interview

If interview situations make you break out in a cold sweat whilst simultaneously turning your mouth into the Sahara, you are not alone. Someone you don’t know asking you questions about yourself that you then have to answer coherently, preferably without crying, is no one’s idea of a good time and can freak out even the most confident among us.

While it’s true that we require an interview to assess an applicant’s suitability for our placements, we want you to know that this part of the application process is much more of a conversation than it is an inquisition. Here’s a bit more about what to expect when we call:

Who will interview me?
The person conducting your interview is one of our awesome Volunteer Happiness Officers, all of whom have done one of our placements, so at one point they were in your shoes, patiently waiting by the phone for the very same call. We aim to make things as painless as possible and we’re all really nice, so try to relax and use the phone call as an opportunity to gain as much information as you can about the placement.

Why do we interview applicants?
We work abroad in incredibly challenging environments coupled with extreme temperatures and a language barrier. We want to make sure we are providing skilled, knowledgeable volunteers to work at our projects, but we also want to ensure that we’re being kind and responsible to our volunteers and not sending people into environments that they’re not prepared for. We’ll always guide you towards the best placement for you on the phone, so please don’t worry about which placement you applied for, we can speak to you about all of our opportunities on the call.

What’s the interview like?
It takes about 15 minutes and the goal for us is to ascertain which of our placements is best suited to you. Firstly we’ll want to get a good idea of your education and experience levels and then throughout the call we’ll ask you questions to help you consider how you might best use your current skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the communities where we work. If you prepare a bit in advance and really think about what you’re hoping to achieve by joining us abroad, you’ll ace it!

How do I arrange an interview?
All interviews take place over the phone. As soon as you schedule in an interview with us you’ll get a confirmation via email. We’ll ring you at that date/time and that’s it! Simple!

What happens next?
All of our decisions about future volunteer team members are made together, so once your interview is concluded we’ll chat as a team and decide which placement is most appropriate for you. We’ll then email you with the result of our decision within 24 hours. 

We hope this has helped to explain a bit more about what you can expect from your interview and if you have any questions in advance of your call please email us on [email protected] or call us on +442070961718. You can call us toll free from the USA and Canada on 1-855-236-9339 or toll free from Australia on +61488801151.

Lee M