Recruiting Now For Mental Health Peer Mentors!

What would the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be without Splinter? Probs just regular, run-of-the-mill gigantic turtles residing in the sewer with an insatiable hunger for pizza. But, thanks to their rodent master, they're kicking major butt and keeping NYC safe for the rest of us. Ever fancied yourself to be a bit of a Splinter? Or a Yoda? How about a Sheryl Sandberg? Is it your time to lean in?  

If you want to gain extra experience in the mental health sector by working on exciting cross-cultural and clinical projects, as well as supporting fellow members of your team abroad, then join us in Sri Lanka for three months as a Peer Mentor and immerse yourself in a unique and exciting culture and gain all this at the same time: 

• Valuable hands-on psychology work experience
• The chance to develop your skills and build your confidence
• More time working in a clinical environment
• Extra field trips and workshops
• Professional supervision with our partner, Samutthana, King’s College London
• Increased employment opportunities and a stronger CV
• Being part of a passionate, supportive team
• An enhanced reference post-placement outlining your extra responsibilities and contributions
•Reduced placement fees

The Peer Mentor role is for anyone who would like to take on extra responsibility throughout their placement and would suit those who possess excellent empathy skills and who have held a support role before best. Not only will Peer Mentors have a full volunteer timetable, but they will assist with daily admin tasks and be responsible for any required pastoral duties within your peer group.

We developed this role after speaking to a number of universities and employers in the mental health sector about what they were looking for most in a future applicant. They all agreed that any hands-on experience in the sector would push an applicant to the top of their list, but if they also had experience of leadership or mentoring that would be a huge advantage. Get a head start on the competition by working hard, but in paradise.

We are currently recruiting Peer Mentors for our December, 2017 and January to August, 2018 Sri Lanka teams. Please complete a short application form here if you’d like to apply and successful applicants will be invited for an interview.

Lee M