SLV.Global Watches Asian Provocateur

When many of us first went to Sri Lanka we knew nothing about it. Most of us thought that it would be more exciting the less we knew, and in many ways we were right and were all pleasantly surprised.

Watching Romesh Ranganathan step bewilderedly out of Bandaranaike International Airport, searching for his elusive ride, we felt an extreme kinship with him. We all knew that he, like we once upon a time, did little to prepare for his adventure.

Asian Provocateur is a BBC series exploring Romesh's journey back to the land of his parents and it is really lovely to watch. We're only one episode in and already we're all desperate to go back to Sri Lanka and are terribly jealous of all the things he's getting to experience.

From fishing on stilts to washing elephants to driving around eternally lost it's all beautifully familiar, but Romesh's biting humour makes this series more than just a stereotypical tour around the stunning teardrop island. It feels deeply personal as well as strangely beautiful and manages to capture all the flavour and even the frustration of being a foreigner in Sri Lanka.

We can't wait to see what else is to come in this hilarious series. We, in the London office, spent yesterday's lunch break, crowded around a computer screen watching the first episode on BBC I-Player, all of us laughing, all of us nodding knowingly at the situations that we've faced in Sri Lanka time and time again. Most notably, the debate about who should provide a cake when it's someone's birthday. If you've gone out to Sri Lanka, watch this series.

If you've not been out to Sri Lanka yet, watch this series. It's a very charming view of the country that means so much to us and we're thrilled for Romesh for finally discovering what a truly remarkable place he comes from.

Asian Provocateur is on BBC3 Wednesdays at 10pm

Lee MLee