SLV.Global on the BBC!

From January to June, 2013 the BBC2 Programme See Hear have followed our volunteer Aliya whist she volunteered at our Deaf Schools Project, in Sri Lanka. Aliya has been an inspiration to so many people and now we have eight more Deaf people joining our team.

Aliya begins by explaining that she was apprehensive when she first arrived in Sri Lanka. It can definitely be quite a culture shock settling in to a new country! By the time she gives us a tour of her homestay, however, Aliya seems to be very settled in. 

Aliya explains that she thinks living in a homestay with a Sri Lankan family is a really really great idea. It gives volunteers that opportunity to become fully engaged with a different culture and to live life like a local. 

Living in the homestay felt like being in a 'proper home' for Aliya during her time in Sri Lanka. She explains that the volunteers would eat breakfast and dinner together as a group, while also sharing stories about their day and playing card games in the evening. 

Aliya volunteered at a deaf school while she was in Sri Lanka. She shows us around the school while explaining that each day she has a certain timetable of lessons, on this particular day she was teaching her favourite class! 

Aliya explains some of the challenges that arose while she was volunteering. The language barrier is a challenge all volunteers in Sri Lanka are faced with and this challenge is not something Aliya is spared. She doesn't know any Sri Lankan sign language and the students she works with don't know any British Sign Language! Aliya explains that to overcome this the classes have a strong focus on mime and drawing, allowing everyone to communicate and to have fun at the same time.

Aurora TrentinCharley