Tattoos and Piercings

While on placement, you'll be living and working in a culture that's far more conservative to what you might be used to. As a result, tattoos and piercings are viewed very differently and are actually closely associated with the drug culture and crime. The assumption of those in the local community could be that you're a criminal, and as a result, we'll lose access to our projects. 

So please make sure that all tattoos are covered up while you're at your projects in your homestay area and all piercings are removed. The only piercings that are allowed are one in the lobe of each ear. Anything extra needs to be removed for your health and safety. And all facial piercings do need to be taken out and replaced with a clear retainer. At the weekends, please feel free to have your tattoos and piercings on show. But when you're traveling back to the local community and when you're in the common areas of your homestay, please make sure that tattoos and piercings aren't visible. 

I know it might sound extreme, but you would never see a teacher or a practitioner working with tattoos and piercings in the countries where we work. And projects could prohibit us from working there if we showed up with our body modifications on show. 

Lee MLee