What Resources do I Need to Volunteer in Sri Lanka?

What resources do I need to volunteer in Sri Lanka?

Volunteers provide their own resources for projects, and on average spend £3-£10 per week buying resources whilst in Sri Lanka. Many past volunteers leave resources in their homestays, so make sure to have a good root through those when you arrive.

Deciding what materials and resources to bring with you can take a bit of thought but spending some time planning what you might want to do on projects before you go definitely helps. Some of the most valuable resources are ideas. You are going to be working at a variety of projects so try and make a list of activities you could do for each. Craft activities, songs, dances and games aimed at adults and children will be useful for you all.

Websites like Pinterest are great for inspiration:

https://uk.pinterest.com/lisageng/fun-activities-for-kids-including-special-needs/ • https://uk.pinterest.com/ab3867/special-needs-sensory/

If you plan a range of activities, maybe one or two for each week you are in Sri Lanka you can then swap ideas with other volunteers when you arrive, and should all be ready to rock and roll. Once you have your activities in mind try and think what materials you need to bring with you. Basic materials like paper, scissors, glue and glitter are easy to buy in Sri Lanka, it’s the more exciting things that are harder to come across. For the Special Needs, Mental Health and OT projects please try and find activities that will be therapeutic and stimulating at the same time.