2014 Mental Health Workshops in Sri Lanka

All volunteers on the Mental Health or Graduate Mental Health Placements will be invited to attend additional workshops run in conjunction with Samutthana, the King’s College centre for trauma, displacement and mental health in Sri Lanka. Many people ask what additional mental health workshops there will be and that's a great question! However we do not always know, as they are often only planned a couple of weeks before delivery, on an ad-hoc basis.

Workshops run in 2014.

'Addiction' Led by Psychologist Nivendra Uduman & Counsellor Duminda.

'The paradox of Obessive Compulsive Disorder' Led by Clinical Psychologist Dr Rosie Burton(National and Specialist Child and Adolescent OCD Service) and Dr Stephanie Ashton.

'What is child sexual abuse?' Led by Psychologist Nivendra Uduman.

'An introduction to Acceptance and commitment therapy ACT' led by Clinical Psychologist Dr Alison Jones.

'Trauma: From Tsunami to soul Murder' Led by Psychoanalyst & Clinical Psychologist Dr Alan Krohn,from Michigan, USA.

'Cancer and emotion ... Across the lifespan' An introduction to psycho - oncology led by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Polly Crawford, Kings College London.

'Trauma from a Sri Lankan Perspective' Led by The Samutthana Team; Dushy Parakrama, Duminda Wanigasekara and Navendra.

'NIMH, from Asylum to Hospital-' Led by NIMH Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Jayan Mendis

'Deconstructing PTSD' - Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jonathan Buhagiar

'Exploring Eating Disorders'- Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Rosie Crawford.

'Autism form a personal Perspective' - EASE Foundation led by Chammi and Anoja Rajapatirana

'Presuming Competance and Communication'- led by EASE Foundation Chammi and Anoja Rajapatirana

Field Trips

'Psychosocial Tsunami Field Trip' led by Foundation of Goodness.

'Makola and Ranmuthugala Certified School Field Trip' led by The Director of Social work Mr Ranaweera

Additional Supervision

Group Supervision sessions at Samutthana with Sri Lankan Mental Health workers

We'll update you with more information on the mental health workshops for 2015.

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