"SL Volunteers" is now "SLV."

4 Reasons why we wanted to lose the word "Volunteers" from our name.

Reason 1) We wanted to distance ourselves from volunteering or "gap yah” organisations that market volunteering abroad as a holiday. We recruit committed people to join our team, not those wanting a fun getaway.

Reason 2) If a country is in need of volunteers some might assume that it is a country that "can't cope without western help." The SLV team doesn't take this attitude: we work with and alongside communities in Sri Lanka, sharing skills and learning as much as we teach.

Reason 3) We don't just offer simple volunteering. Alongside our Mental Health Placement we are developing other specialist placements including occupational therapy, teaching and performing arts. We offer students and graduates not only the opportunity to volunteer abroad but also the opportunity to take part in an integrated cultural experience involving training, project development and working alongside professionals in a field relevant to their degree. Reason

Reason 4) "SLV" is much easier to say!

Lucy NightingaleLucy