Mental Health Workshop and Skills Training - 19th and 26th July,2013

SLV offer a range of Mental Health Workshops on their Psychology placements in Sri Lanka.

Friday 19th July and 26th July, 2-5 pm. Samutthana Auditorium, 419 Nawala Road, Nawala, Sri Lanka.

Background to workshop Executive Director of Samutthana Dushy Parakrama:  "Sri Lanka is now recording a high level of suicidal ideation, perhaps not altogether uncommon in post-conflict times. The range of suicidal ideation varies greatly from fleeting to detailed planning, role-playing, self-harm and unsuccessful attempts, which may be deliberately constructed to fail or be discovered, or may be fully intended to result in death. Although it is usually associated with depression, it seems to have association with many other psychiatric disorders, life events and family events. The motivation for self-harm and suicide vary, and it may be used to fulfill a number of different function. Let's talk about it and understand just what is happening. Self-harm is most common in adolescence and young adulthood, usually first appearing between the ages of 12 and 24. However, self-harm behaviour can nevertheless occur at any age, with the risk of serious injury. Self-harm can also be a suicidal act, though not everyone who self-harms is suicidal. Currently, there are a number of different treatment options. But first. what we really need to know and discover are the similarities and differences between self-harm and suicide. Samutthana is proud to be working in conjunction with Kirsty Magahy (University of London) who will present a two part workshop on (1) Awareness Training and (2) Intervention Skills Training".

Facilitated by: Kirsty Magahy MA Human Rights. These two interactive workshops will aim to:

Part 1: Raise awareness of the issues of self-harm and suicide in a Sri Lankan context, challenge the misconceptions surrounding these issues and provide training in recognising those who self-harm and/or who are at risk of suicide.

Part 2: Equip attendees to intervene when someone is at immediate risk of suicide using a practical and applicable model and provide practical support skills to assist those working with self-harmers.

Kirsty Magahy: University of London. Kirsty has a background in mental health and has been working in Sri Lanka since 2013. Since graduating in 2009, she has worked with LGBT asylum seekers and with the charity Victim Support working with victims of domestic and physical/sexual abuse. She managed a project in Suicide Prevention and Intervention.

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