Workshop: Trauma and PTSD in Sri Lanka by Dr Graham UCL Clinical Psychologist

“Understanding Flashback Memories” A workshop facilitated by Dr Belinda Graham, BA (Hons), DClinPsy

Dr Belinda Graham is a Clinical Psychologist who trained at University College London and is volunteering in Sri Lanka in April and May 2013. She has completed a specialist placement at the Institute of Psychotrauma, East London, where she worked with survivors of torture, abuse and other traumatic experiences. Her research has considered how Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects memory – including intrusive flashbacks and autobiographical memory disturbances. In August she will begin a post-doctoral clinical research fellowship on interventions for PTSD at University of Washington, Seattle USA.

The workshop: Distressing memories of trauma may continue to spring to mind long after the events happened. These vivid and highly emotional memories can seem to come out of the blue, interfere with everyday life and present a devastating challenge to personal control and identity. Acknowledging the crucial link between memory and identity, this workshop will consider the unique characteristics of unwanted memories of trauma. It will provide an interactive space to practice explaining and discussing these ideas with people who are suffering with unwanted memories and emotional distress after trauma.

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