What's Included in Your Placement Fee? 

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✔︎ Homestay Accommodation & Meals

You'll "live like a local" in a quaint and gorgeous traditional Balinese village with a family and some of your teammates during the working week. Your room and facilities will be shared with your teammates and you'll have the chance to really get to know your homestay family during your downtime or over breakfast or dinner, which is provided Monday morning to Friday morning.

You'll be out and about for lunches and, of course, weekends are yours to explore the exquisite island of Bali!

✔︎ Support

Our incredible, experienced team will be there to support you the whole time and are on call 24/7.

✔︎ Training & Talks

The Bali Placement's first week is spent training you appropriately so that you can work effectively in a differnt culture and country. You'll also get to participate in weekly workshops, which explore alternative mental health treatment methods more commonly utalised in Indonesia like meditation and hypnotherapy.

✔︎ Professional Reference

We are happy to proivide you with a reference upon completion of your placement. Our references have gone a long way to helping previous volunteers secure exciting career opportunites and you can see some of these success stories here.

✔︎ Certificate of Learning

To acknowledge your hard work and commitment throughout your placement we'll give you a certificate to prove to your friends and family that you weren't on holiday. You've worked hard, time to celebrate you!

✔︎ Adventure Break

This is a truly unique experience where you'll get to really experience Balinese culture up close. Two days are spent in picturesque hand-thatched bamboo huts in the jungle right next to a babbling brook. Here you'll get involved in a variety of local customs as well as white water rafting and hiking through your stunning surroundings.

✔︎ Transport

Local transport doesn't reall exist in Bali, so we've organised drivers and private transportation for you to get to and from your projects and workshops.

What's Not Included? 

✗ Flights

Approximately £550 - £850 (depending on country of origin)

✗ Social Visa

£35-£70 (dependant on country of residence) As we're not tourists in Bali we can't volunteer on a Tourist Visa. This Socail and Cultural Visa means you're complying with local laws and is essential to you joining our team. please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after your return date.

✗ Travel Insurance

Safety first!! £30 - £70

✗ DBS or equivalent

Safeguarding our service users is paramount. Therefore all volunteers must provide a valid DBS, or equivalent, which costs £25 in the UK.

✗ Jabs/Shots

Please check with your doctor about recommended jabs/shots and remember to mention that you'll be working in a medical environment.

✗ Spending Money

Bali is a tourist destination, so it's not dirt cheap, but it's still quite affordable to explore at £80-£100 per week. That said, there are more Kardashian-esque villas than you could count, so if you wanted to do your weekends BIG that's also an option.


After your interview, if awarded a place on our team, a non-refundable Placement Acceptance Fee is required to secure your place, which is payable within a week of your placement offer. Your full Placement Fee is due eight-weeks before departure. 

Step 1 - Placement Acceptance Fee: £250
Step 2 - Placement Fee:

Due eight-weeks before your placement begins.

Bali Placement
4 Weeks £1,400



Did you know you can fundraise for your placement? Have a look at our Fundraisers' Hall of Fame for some inspiration from past volunteers who have successfully raised the funds!