So you're arriving to Bali early! Great! 

Here's some extra info to guide you through the airport once you have arrived. 

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🇮🇩 Ngurah Rai International Airport

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the airport you'll be arriving into, which is small, and can be tricky to navigate, but don't worry, if you're ever lost there are plenty of staff and security guards on hand to help you out.

Once you disembark from the plane you'll head to Immigration first and then to collect your bag. Once you're in possession of all your luggage you can proceed through to the International Arrivals area. When you exit into International Arrivals you will see lots of people waiting to pick up their loved ones and friends with signs to your right and in front of you, before you reach Duty Free, there will be a booth selling Telkomsel SIM cards. Here you can pick up a SIM with plenty of data and call time.

💰 Money

If you need to get cash or change money, those facilities will be behind you, back near the automatic doors you just exited out of. We suggest travelling with about £30/$40 to change up just in case your bank blocks your card temporarily when you try and get cash from an ATM. This is completely normal and is usually solved with a quick phone call.

🏡 Accommodation

We recommend you book accommodation near to the airport in advance of your arrival in Bali. We feel it is best to have somewhere to stay confirmed, in order to avoid any unnecessary stress or confusion after a long journey. You are free to book wherever you like, but Seminyak or Kuta are both about 15-30 minutes' drive from the airport with easy access to taxis. You'll need to meet us back at the airport on the day your placement begins, so location is key!

🚗 Transport

Once you walk through Duty Free, follow the hallway around and proceed around to the seating area. On your way you will notice a wall of taxi drivers all trying to get your attention. Politely smile and say "no thank you." Beyond the sea of drivers there is an actual taxi rank. Here you can order a taxi to a specific place and they will tell you the amount it will cost in advance and set you up with a driver.

🤝 Meeting the SLV.Global Team

We ask that you choose a time from the pre-arranged airport pickups, on the day your placement begins, to return to the airport and be take to your homestay with some of your team. You will need to let us know in advance which pickup time suits you best and as long as there is room for you in the allocated transport, we will collect you with the others at the airport at the time. If the time you requested is unavailable, we will offer you another option.

To meet us at the airport on the day of your placement you'll need to enter back into the International Arrivals building where we'll be waiting in our SLV Bali shirts on the ground floor in front of the restaurant Kantin. Flights are occasionally delayed and often without advance notice, so please be patient if we need to wait a while before departing to the hotel in Denpasar. From here you'll all head out together with one of our team. Please don't leave the airport again without a SLV Bali staff member.

Happy travels! 

We hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us in the SLV.Global Head Office on [email protected]