So you're arriving to Bali early! Great! 

Here's some extra info to guide you through the airport once you have arrived. 

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🇮🇩 Ngurah Rai International Airport

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the airport you'll be arriving into, which is small, but can be tricky to navigate. Don't worry, if you're ever lost there are plenty of staff and security guards on hand to help you out.

Once you disembark from the plane you'll head to Immigration first and then to collect your bag. Once you're in possession of all your luggage you can proceed through to the International Arrivals area. On your way down the hall, on either side of you, you may notice money changing facilities, ATMs and a place you can buy a SIM card for your phone. Please feel free to stop there and grab some cash and a SIM before proceeding out to the Arrivals hall. You will also pass a WH Smith’s where you can stop to get a drink or a snack if you fancy. As you exit the hallway you will see people waiting with signs for their loved ones. If you continue to pass this crowd and turn left, the toilet is a bit further on, on your left-hand side.

💰 Money

We suggest travelling with about £30/$40 to change up just in case your bank blocks your card temporarily when you try and get cash from an ATM. This is completely normal and is usually solved with a quick phone call.

Top Tip! In the past volunteers have preferred to purchase a travel card prior to their departure. This often saves issues such as bank card blockages. Please do some research into which travel card is best for you before you purchase one :)


On the plane before you land in Bali you will be handed a landing card. Landing cards can also be found in the airport when you arrive at immigration but we find it is a lot easier to fill out these details before you land. On the landing card it will ask you to fill in various details such as your name, passport number and where you are staying in Bali. You can either put down the accommodation you have booked or the address SLV will provide you with before your placement start date.

Immigration can sometimes seem daunting at first and, depending on your arrival time into Bali, can get a little busy. When at the desk you will hand over your passport and landing card and tell the officer you have a visa inside your passport. If immigration ask any questions please inform them that you are visiting Indonesia to go travelling. We find this is a lot easier than you having to explain where you are volunteering and what type of volunteering you are doing.

🏡 Accommodation

We recommend you book accommodation near to the airport in advance of your arrival in Bali. We feel it is best to have somewhere to stay confirmed, in order to avoid any unnecessary stress or confusion after a long journey. You are free to book wherever you like, but Seminyak or Kuta are both about 15-30 minutes' drive from the airport with easy access to taxis.

🚗 Transport

Once you reach the Arrivals hall you will most likely notice a wall of people holding signs trying to get your attention. All you need to do is to politely smile and continue making your way round as there is a small cafe on your right with a seating area so feel free to grab a coffee, relax and take everything in before you decide on your next move. There is no rush :) You will see an information desk in the arrivals hall should you need any assistance or have any questions.

If you have pre-ordered your transport from your accommodation keep an eye out for your name as your driver will most likely be holding it up high on a board for you to see so you can find them. If you haven’t pre-booked a taxi you will need to book one from the airport. There is a Grabcar service which has been set up in the arrivals hall. The stand is green and white, and officers at the booth will assist passengers with making bookings. Alternatively, as you exit the airport arrivals hall you will see lots of people wearing blue shirts. These are Bluebird taxi drivers and it can be difficult to come to an agreed fair price for your journey. Our advice is to pre-book a driver from your hotel as this saves you the hassle of trying to haggle for a fair taxi price. :) Please note that Uber taxis are not allowed to pick people up from the airport.

🤝 Meeting the SLV.Global Team

We will have all of your pre-departure flight information on record from the information you provided on your SLV.Global participant portal. A few weeks before your placement start date a member of the SLV.Global team will be in contact to assign you a time to be picked up from the airport on the day your placement begins. Should this time not suit you please let us know in advance and we will offer you another option.

When traveling back to the airport on the day of your placement please leave plenty of time as the roads do tend to busy. You will need to re-enter back into the International Arrivals building where we'll be waiting in our Blue SLV.Bali shirts on the ground floor near the customer service desk. Don’t worry we won’t leave without you.

Flights of volunteers arriving on the day are occasionally delayed and often without advance notice, so please be patient if we need to wait a while before departing. From here you'll all head out together with one of our team to where you will be staying for the your first few nights. Please don't leave the airport again without a SLV.Bali staff member.

You will receive a pre-arrivals email one week before your placement start date. In this email will be confirmation of your flight details, pick-up time, the address of where you will be staying for your first few days and also contact information should you need to get in touch with any of the team in Bali. Happy travels!

We hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us in the SLV.Global Head Office on [email protected]

Happy travels! 

We hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us in the SLV.Global Head Office on [email protected]