At the end of your first week of training in Bali, you'll move into your homestay, which is in a traditional Balinese village. Before you do this, though, we’ll take you on an organised trip to the jungle, where you will get the chance to team-build with your fellow volunteers, fully surrounded by gorgeous, Balinese nature. On your first Thursday and Friday in country, you and your team will make tracks to a spectacular camp to sleep in beautifully crafted bamboo huts with hand-thatched roofs. But these two days aren't about rest and relaxation, they're about adventure! 

During this time, you can get stuck into as many activities as you like. Night walks, whitewater rafting and chocolate making are all on offer as well as traditional mud games and a giant bonfire. This is your chance to get to know everyone who arrived on your team a little bit better, and what better way to get to know someone than in a mud pool? We’ll be throwing you quite literally in the deep end, but don't worry we also provide a life vest. 

Have fun!