Your homestay, located in a local Balinese village, is part of a family compound where you'll get the chance to become well acquainted with everyone from grandparents to aunties. Facilities, which you'll be sharing with other volunteers on your team, are basic but comfy. You'll have a single bed, a mosquito net, access to clean drinking water and a Western toilet. 

Your family will provide you with breakfast and dinner during the working week. For breakfast you'll get a selection of fresh fruit, bread and spreads and for dinner you'll sample some traditional Indonesian dishes. In one of the villages the mothers of children who attend the SEN school in the village prepare your meals, so the whole team eats together. 

If you'd like to stay with a friend we will do our best to house you together, but we only allow friends to stay in pairs. Three or four people who all know each other in a homestay can be alienating for the others in the house. Think of it as a chance to add some new members to your crew. #squalgoals