Your first week in Bali is all about ensuring you're ready to work effectively at your daily projects. All of our facilitators are professionals in their field and happy to share their knowledge with you. Of course we understand that you have loads of incredible experience already; you wouldn't be on this placement if you didn't, but this training week has been created to ensure you also work sensitively within the culture.  

Psychiatric Facility Training

This training is led by the staff who work in the hospital every day. They know better than anyone how to help you design effective sessions. They'll also provide you with a comprehensive tour of the wards and grounds and be happy to answer any questions. 

Working with people with special needs in Bali

An Australian doctor, who has lived in Bali for the past 10 years and specialises in OT, will help you navigate the differences in care for people with special needs abroad. This interactive workshop puts you in challenging situations to see how you react. We also explore examples of activities to improve cognitive, motor and language skills as well as how best to work with the staff at the centres where you’ll be working.

Teaching workshop

Our SLV.Global team will lead you in a workshop on how to teach English to children and young adults. Structuring a great lesson is an art. Let these guys help you to get started.