Australian National University Newsletter

In 2017, we were featured in the Australian National University Newsletter, spreading the word about SLV.Global in the press down under, too.

For this article, previous volunteers Amelaine and Joshua spoke to their Psychology department about their time joining us on placement in Sri Lanka and Bali, respectively.

We have increased the number of students who have joined us from Australian National University, and we can’t wait to welcome more to the team!

Read on below to find out more:

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Amelaine Uidam and Joshua Deang - headed to Sri Lanka and Indonesia to expand their knowledge and understanding of global mental health.

Over the course of 2016, two RSP students travelled to Sri Lanka and Bali, Indonesia to undertake voluntary Mental Health Placements with SLV.Global, a graduate-led volunteering organisation, which runs psychology-focused placements in Sri Lanka and also in Bali, Indonesia.

Amelaine Uidam and Joshua Deang pursued volunteering as a way of gaining unique insight into global mental health and hands-on work experience. During their placements Joshua and Amelaine and the rest of the volunteer team planned and ran therapeutic activity sessions in psychiatric facilities for individuals living with a wide range of mental health issues. In addition to their time at the hospital, they also worked at numerous schools and social initiatives for children and adults with disabilities and taught English in the local community. They not only utilised and developed important psychological skills but they also developed an in depth understanding of mental health from an additional cultural perspective. They worked with the local community, as well as living with a Sri Lankan and Indonesian family. This completely immersive experience gave them a unique insight into Sri Lankan and Indonesian culture and daily life. If you have any questions you can check out the SLV.Global website, or email them on [email protected].

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“Completing this placement has given me a valuable understanding of another culture’s way of thinking and of the sometimes unexpected behaviours associated with a different worldview. Each culture uniquely impacts on an individual’s way of thinking and processing information… the mental health sector will benefit from professionals having a holistic, multi-cultural understanding of human psychology in order to more appropriately assist individuals.” Amelaine Uidam, RSP student.


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