SLV.Global USAmbassadors 

The following individuals, from all corners of the USA, have completed a SLV.Global Mental Health Placement in either Sri Lanka or Bali and would love to tell you about their experience working and living abroad with us. Click on a profile to learn more about how these volunteers spent their time with us and what they learned from their placement. 

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American SLVeterans

These former SLV.Global volunteers all hail from the USA and have each utilised the experience they gained on their Mental Health Placement in different ways. Whether to advance their career, progress academically or to try something completely new, these guys all have interesting stories, which we're proud to be a part of. Please click on a profile to get inspired! 

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SLVeterans from across the globe. 

Our Partners 

SLV.Global are proud to partner with a number of prestigious UK universities. These special relationships help us to continue the great work we do, by ensuring we're able to recruit the best candidates for our volunteer teams. Likewise, our university partners benefit from having volunteers return to the classroom post-placement with a host of new skills and experiences to share. We're currently forming partnerships with a number of American universities and we'd be very grateful if you'd consider partnering with us as well. 

For further information please contact our US Relationships Liaison, Clara, on [email protected]