UWE Bristol

Kiren Bains
Advanced Placement & Coordinator
SLV.SriLanka & SLV.Bali - May 2017 & 2018

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"Embarking to Sri Lanka in summer 2017 as a volunteer taught me so many skills which I transferred into my placement of working within a brain injury setting. I was able to work with non-verbal patients and provide stimulating therapy by focusing on communicating without language.
As I loved working in Sri Lanka so much I decided to continue my journey with SLV by becoming an ambassador where I have been able to talk about my experiences with prospective placement students. After talking to students about my experiences and potential opportunities I was further inspired to work in Bali as a peer co ordinator for 12 weeks. I have learnt so much along my journey and I am always so happy to share my stories with all!"

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