University of Westminster

Diana Dumitrasc
Foundation Placement
SLV.SriLanka - June 2018

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“Volunteering in Sri Lanka really taught me how to better understand the mental health issues within this country and appreciate the amazing courage of many people with mental health problems. Being part of the team increased my practical knowledge and skills, yet the great attributes I have gained beyond the professional spectrum are things such as: thriving under pressure, improvising, connecting with people without the use of verbal communication and always love my work. I feel like I have not missed home at all as I felt so welcomed in the homestay, immersed totally in the culture and became part of the big SLV.Global family. I would kindly recommend this placement to anyone in search of academic experience and adventure in the same time. I am so delighted to take on this role and continue my journey with SLV.Global from back home in London!”

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