University of Western Australia

Savannah Moscarda
Advanced Placement
SLV.SriLanka - June 2016

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"As a psychology student or graduate seeking work experience you will not find a better company to travel abroad with. You can be sure that the work you will be doing in Sri Lanka is not a form of voluntourism - you are making an invaluable contribution to the community as a professional. I completed a 4 week placement in Sri Lanka and feel like I learnt so much, especially the way in which mental health presents itself in a developing nation. SLV.Global also took me to India for a week, I would highly recommend this to past and future volunteers. I had a ball learning about clinical and ancient psychology in India. It's a really full on, educational, information-packed week, but one that you absolutely cannot miss!
Studying psychology can feel like a long-haul and trying to get practical work experience during my undergraduate degree in Australia seemed almost impossible let alone daunting! SLV.Global is your opportunity to get this experience. I became an SLV.Global Ambassador because I wanted to share my excitement with people who are now walking the same path that I have before."

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