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Dannah Lougen
Clinical & Ancient Psychology Programme
SLV.India - July 2019

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"My Clinical and Ancient Psychology Programme in India was an amazingly rich, educational, and life-changing experience. The knowledge I received through the workshops and lectures has immensely enhanced my level of experience and education in the field of Psychology and Global Mental Health. I was able to explore different areas of beautiful India, meet unique people from all over the world, and be immersed in an amazing culture - all while increasing my knowledge of mental health and having fun! Most importantly, I discovered a new community that I want to be surrounded with, and the type of career I strive to pursue. The program will forever have a lasting impression on me, and I strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in mental health. I am so excited to be an SLV.Global Ambassador so that I can continue sharing and encouraging people to experience the same knowledge and self-growth I gained while on this program! Don’t miss out!"

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