University of Manchester

Hannah Robson
Mental Health Placement
SLV.Bali - July 2018

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“Going to volunteer in Bali took me completely out of my comfort zone and put me in situations I had never been in before with people I have never worked with. This allowed me to improve my confidence in my own abilities and grow as an individual. Working and living alongside people from a completely different culture broadened my outlook on life, giving me an in-depth view into other individual’s beliefs and their ethos of life. By completing this placement and communicating with individuals who do not speak my language, I feel that I can now work with any individual, and I feel more confident in my ability to work in the mental health sector. My time in Bali completely changed my outlook on life and I cannot wait to show others how amazing an opportunity SLV.Global Bali is, so that they can also experience it.”

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