University of Glasgow

Amy Caldwell
Mental Health Placement
SLV.Bali - June 2018

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"My placement with SLV.Global in Bali was an extremely rewarding and influential experience. I gained extensive knowledge over the four weeks of my placement from teaching English to children and adults in a range of projects to working with inpatients at a psychiatric hospital. The role involved planning and running sessions which allowed me to use my creativity skills to ensure each service users had a positive experience. Even though challenging at time my experience in Bali allowed me to grow as an individual and learn a lot about myself as well as mental health in different cultures. Due to each project being so interactive this allowed me to not only improve my own abilities but also my confidence as a result of running activities such as Dance Imitation and Yoga which I would not have had the confidence to do before. Staying in a homestay in Bali and travelling around at the weekends added to my experience as I was able to witness the true culture and beauty of Bali. As a result of my placement I not only learned a lot but I gained amazing friendships which I will treasure for life. I enjoyed my placement so much and couldn't recommend it enough! I can't wait to continue my journey with the SLV.Global team as an Ambassador and help spread the importance of positive mental health!"

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