University of Florida

Taylor Lambertus
Advanced Placement
SLV.SriLanka - May 2017

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"My SLV.Global experience is one that I carry with me everyday, and appreciate greatly. I am so thankful to Sri Lanka for sharing with us some of the kindest, most giving souls, the lush green landscapes, and of course some delicious food. I've been absolutely blessed to have joined SLV.Global in Sri Lanka and truly get hands on experience in my field of interest, a trip that is not common to come by. Letting us dive in head first to a new place with new people, new food, and a new language, was made into a smooth transition, and I and my fellow volunteers immediately felt at home. I am especially thankful for SLV.Global's conscious effort to avoid being "voluntourists," and showing us how to properly treat the locals and service users, while still enjoying the opportunity to travel a beautiful foreign country. I know as an individual, armed with resources and a new skill set, that I can change lives. However, something I find equally important is sharing my experience with other potential volunteers, and allowing them to get the same incredible experience that I did. This trip changed me in tremendous ways, allowing me to grow as an individual, as a future psychologist, as a friend, as a part of a team."

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