University of Bristol

Zarema Munro
Clinical & Ancient Psychology Program & Advanced Placement
SLV.India & SLV.SriLanka - April 2017 & July 2018

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“Hi everyone! I have completed a 5 week placement in Sri Lanka and also attended the Clinical & Ancient Psychology Program in India. The projects in Sri Lanka were mentally challenging, but when you see the service user’s participating, drawings or their smiles (even better if it’s laughter) you know you did good! My heart was smiling with every single smile I received. It wasn’t easy but I would do it 10 times over if I could. I’ve had the opportunity to work in psychiatric wards, a drug addiction clinic, permanent homes for children and adults with special needs. On weekends, you will be able to fully immerse yourself into the exciting culture of an amazingly beautiful country full of gorgeous people and delicious food! So, if you are thinking of joining the SLV.Global team all you need to bring to the table is empathy, compassion and positive attitude! Feel free to get in contact me if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!”

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