New York University

Satadipa Chaudhuri
Mental Health Placement
SLV.Bali - August 2018

Are you at New York University? Contact Satadipa ([email protected]) if you have any questions or if you want some more information.

“SLV.Global is more than a placement. It's an emotion. During my time with SLV.Global in Bali and East Java, it was wonderful to brainstorm our ideas and see our projects take flight as we came together and started a journey with our service users, our wonderful hosts, the delightful organising team and of course, the stellar volunteers. From the session plans to the homestays; from the jungle camp to the socials, from the orientation to the actual sessions, the empathy, the memories and the lessons will last a lifetime! As an SLV.Global Ambassador, I look forward to taking this message to everyone who has the knowledge, skills and attitude to commit to positive mental health.”

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