National College of Ireland

Aaron Murphy
Peer Mentor
SLV.SriLanka - May 2017

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My SLV.Global Experience
"What can I say about my time with SLV.Global in Sri Lanka, it was by far the time of my life!
During my 17 weeks with SLV.Global in 2017 I learned so much, I gained valuable experience which is so hard to get in the field of Psychology, I ate enough rice and curry to last a lifetime but strangely crave it on a daily basis, and most importantly I met some of the most amazing people that I will be happy to call my friends for the rest of my life. I've had so many of the fantastic volunteers come to visit me in Ireland, and it makes me so happy when I get a call from my friends in the SLV Sri Lanka office."
"I decided to become an SLV.Global Ambassador to encourage other students to join the SLV.Global team in Sri Lanka, Bali or India so they can experience all that SLV.Global has to offer. I wish I had someone to talk me through exactly what sort of work I'd be doing in Sri Lanka, what my homestay might be like and help ease my initial nerves about what to expect. I believe by sharing my memories and experiences of my time with SLV.Global while also advising on preparation, I can put potential volunteers minds at ease while building excitement for their placements and nothing makes me happier than knowing that others are going to make their own memories abroad with SLV.Global.
I miss Sri Lanka so much, and I honestly can't wait to return someday soon."

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