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Maia Corlett
Mental Health Placement
SLV.Bali - July 2019

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"In the four weeks I spent as a Mental Health Activity Support Worker in Bali, I was fully immersed in a beautiful culture, travelled around stunning places on the weekends, and developed many transferable skills. Professionally, the placement provided me with an opportunity to gain practical psychology experience whilst contributing towards reducing the stigma of mental health in the local community. Through SLV.Global, I worked in a diverse array of projects and with a range of service users that I would not have access to otherwise. From working in one of the largest mental health institutions in Indonesia, to special needs centres, I helped to improve the skills of those with specific needs in Indonesia. I gained confidence in working in teams, delivering sessions and how to adapt when situations don't go exactly to plan. I am excited to share my experience with others as an SLV.Global ambassador."

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