Keele University

Holly Colman
Foundation Placement
SLV.SriLanka - August 2017

Are you at Keele University? Contact Holly ([email protected]) if you have any questions or if you want some more information.

"I joined SLV.Global in August 2017 when I took part in a 5 week mental health placement in Sri Lanka and by the end I wished I could have stayed for longer. The work experience gained as a psychology student, in both medical and educational sectors, is second to none compared to what is possible in the UK - this is why I became an ambassador for Keele University.
Sri Lanka, Bali and India are such beautiful countries that others should have the opportunity to visit, and knowing that you have created your own small impact for others here is another huge bonus. I am happy to talk to anyone who has an interest to going on one of these placements and answering any questions they may have!"

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