Glasgow University

Priyanka Chandi
Foundation Placement
SLV.SriLanka - July 2017

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"My placement lasted 5 weeks and I was based on Horana/Bandaragama in Sri Lanka, which is in the outskirts of Colombo. I found my time to be absolutely rewarding and inspiring. I pushed myself in ways I had never done before professionally and proved to myself how much I could achieve. During my time I planned lessons which ranged from English lessons for individuals of varying abilities, to craft and dance sessions to create a positive atmosphere for the service users. I was able to put my creativity to the test when implementing the lessons and I also developed my communication skills when working with the service users - there was sometimes a language barrier that I would have to get through, however with time, that challenge became minuscule. As well as working hard at each placement, what I enjoyed the most was becoming a part of the local community and getting to know my homestay family. My mother (Amma) cooked the most delicious meals and was always happy to chat to us. On weekends, we could travel around the country; this definitely enriched my experience of immersing myself in a different culture. Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country, and has so much to offer. As well as gaining important clinical experience, I also earned amazing friendships that I will cherish. Working with SLV.Global was honestly invaluable and I do miss the staff and the different placements. I could not recommend it enough! As an SLV.Global Ambassador, I am excited to spread the word to future volunteers and promote the importance of positive mental health."

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