Cardiff University

Molly Wescott
Advanced Placement
SLV.SriLanka - June 2018

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"My time on placement was surreal, I didn't quite realise how much I had to give until I arrived on some of the projects. Something so simple as just smiling or holding a service users hand would make their day! Then of course using more complex skills such as advanced memory games produced visible improvements in individuals across the time we were there and that was great to see!
Aside from the daily rewards on projects, we became fully immersed in the totally unique Sri Lankan cuisine, culture and family life, which is an experience I will never forget!
I want to become an SLV.Global Ambassador to encourage other like-minded people like me to step out of their comfort zone and to embark of this trip of a lifetime! I promise the experiences you will gain and the memories you'll make will be invaluable!"

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