Brunel University

Shakeela Smith
Foundation Placement
SLV.SriLanka - March 2018

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"Volunteering in Sri Lanka truly opened my eyes to a world where mental health isn’t recognised in the same way it is in countries like the UK. Being able to conduct activities to promote positive mental health was extremely rewarding – seeing bright smiles as the SLV.Global team enter a project warmed my heart and it is a feeling I will never forget! I’m really glad I was able to get hands on experience but also grateful to have had the opportunity to take a step back and observe professionals in a clinical setting. This was my “field trip” and a huge highlight of my experience because I was able to ask questions that I had brewing for a while! I found this very helpful since I had not started university yet and was reassured that the information I gained would prove to be useful at university. No matter what level you are in your studies, SLV.Global has a placement for everyone! My experience with SLV.Global is one that I am excited to share so that other students can gain a valuable understanding of how social and cultural differences effect the approach to mental health. I highly recommend SLV.Global to anyone who is up for a challenge and loves to travel. There are places to explore that are absolutely stunning and every weekend feels even more rewarding when you’ve completed a week of projects. I am more than happy to answer any questions about applying for a placement or even just a chat about my experience!"

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