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We are currently recruiting for SLV.Global Ambassadors at universities and colleges all over the world, so if you are looking for a way to continue the journey with us, this is it! By becoming an SLV.Global Ambassador you'll have the opportunity to further develop your communication, marketing and creative skills as well as boosting your CV and even earning some extra $$££!

The main part of an SLV.Global Ambassador's role is to raise awareness of SLV.Global at your university or college, working as part of your University SLV.Global Ambassador Team to accomplish tasks and spread the SLoVe. This can be done in a variety of ways, so there are varying levels of commitment, which are listed below, to fit around your busy schedule. As you progress through the ranks you'll be rewarded for your hard work and have the chance to earn bonuses and take part in fun competitions too! Take a look here to learn more about the role from some of our current SLV.Global Ambassadors. 

If you're keen to upgrade your status, fill in this short application form and we will be in touch soon!


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To become an SLV.Global Ambassador...

There are just a few simple tasks you need to complete in order to become an SLV.Global Ambassador and start promoting our placements at your University. Tick off the 5 below and you'll be on your way!

✓ SLV.Global Ambassador Interview

✓ Post on Social Media

✓ Set up your SLV.Global Ambassador Profile on our Website

✓ Join SLV.Global Ambassadors' Facebook Group

✓ Write us a review


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SLV.Global Ambassador

Now you've become an SLV.Global Ambassador, we will send you an SLV.Global Ambassador Starter Pack, and introduce you to the rest of your University SLV.Global Ambassador Team, who can help you complete the following tasks and guarantee you some extra ££$$.

✓ Lecture Shout-outs

✓ Networking with students at your Uni

✓ Poster & Flyers Distribution

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SLV.Global Event Ambassador

Fancy stepping it up a gear? You can complete any of the tasks below for some extra ££$$, and if you want to get creative, we're always keen to hear about new ways to spread the SLVWord.

✓ Host an Info Session

✓ Host an event with your Psychology Society

✓ Send Info to Students

✓ Throw a Party

✓ Publish an Article

✓ Freshers & Careers Fairs

✓ Above and Beyond


Any questions? Email Claudia on [email protected] who will be happy to help!