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Congratulations, you’re in! 🎉 We’re so excited to have you on the SLV.Global Ambassador team and can’t wait to hear all of your amazing ideas for how to spread the SLoVe! ❤️️

As you know, essentially your role as an SLV.Global Ambassador is to raise awareness of SLV.Global at your university or college. This can be done in a variety of ways, so there are varying levels of commitment to fit around your busy schedule. 

Use this as your go-to guide during your time as an SLV.Global Ambassador, everything from the flyers and posters to payments are explained here. ✏️

It's important to remember that to be a successful SLV.Global Ambassador, you'll need to collect the contact details for everyone that you speak to at events that you organise or host. For each of your contacts who applies to join one of our placements, we will compensate you for spreading the SLV.Global love so liberally 💸

If there is anything that we can help you with whilst in the role, or if you have any questions, please email the team on [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly! 📧

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Below is the SLV.Global Ambassador payments structure which we have designed to ensure that you are getting compensated for all of your hard work. The more you do, the more you earn! 💸

Payment Structure

£25 For every Placement Acceptance Fee paid by one of your contacts
Up to £50 Each event you hold you could earn up to £50 - £30 for holding the event and a possible bonus of £20 if you collect 20+ contacts from the event
£100 bonus! We want to reward you for spreading the SLoVe so liberally, so for the first 100 contacts that you collect, we will give you a £100 bonus!

We know this might sound like a large number of contacts (we know you can do it!) but you will have all year (September-April) to do this!

For those of you social butterflies, you will able to get this bonus twice - once in the first semester (1st September-31st December) and once in the second semester (1st January-30th April)

Click here to see an example!

Collected 213 contacts this year
109 in Semester 1 & 104 in Semester 2
£100 for Semester 1 & £100 for Semester 2
Organised an information session in October & 31 students gave their details £50
inc. £20 bonus for 20+ contacts
Had a stall at the Go Abroad fair & collected 43 contacts £50
inc. £20 bonus for 20+ contacts
Held a pizza party (!) & 12 people attended £30
10 contacts paid their Placement Acceptance Fee £250
£25 for each PAF paid
Total for the year
🙌 £580

To increase the number of contacts that they collected, our example did the following:
Published an article on the university website
Shared their Ambassador profile on social media & 21 requested more information about the placements
Put posters up in the Students' Union building & Psychology department building


As mentioned previously, there will also be the opportunity for bonuses along the way too, so keep your eyes on your inbox and on the SLV.Global Ambassador Facebook group, as we will contact you to let you know about these epic opportunities 👀

Sound good? We thought so too! We're SO excited to have you on board as one of our SLV.Global Ambassadors and can't wait to see all the creative and cool stuff you get up to!

SLV.Global Ambassador payments are processed at the end of every month and you will receive an email with a breakdown of how much you are going to be paid. You should therefore expect to receive the money in your bank account at the beginning of the following month.

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SLV.Global Ambassador

Once you’ve been assigned your SLV.Global Ambassador Supervisor and had an initial phone call with them, we can get your SLV.Global Ambassador Starter Pack in the post and you can start spreading the SLV.Word on campus 🗣

Your starter pack will contain flyers, posters and everything that you'll need within the role, there may even be a few surprises! 📦

If you do not receive your pack after your phone call with your SLV.Global Ambassador Supervisor, please get in touch and let us know. 

Here are some good ways to get the ball rolling on your role - you can continue doing these tasks throughout the year to increase the number of students you speak to and, more importantly, the number of contacts you collect!

✔️ Put up posters & flyers

This can be in the Psychology or Careers department with your contact details on - you could also put up posters to promote any events that you are planning. Include your email address and a sign up sheet for students to express their interest in the placements and we can email them with more information. You can find a poster template on your portal in your toolkit - edit this to make it relevant to you and your university. You can always ask a lecturer if you could put some flyers and posters in a lecture hall for students to pick up 🎓

✔️ Speak to University staff

Speak with your lecturer, tutor, careers advisor or professor and find out about any future events such as careers fairs and events. They might even let you speak in one of their lectures!

✔️ Shout out in a lecture or seminar

Let your lecturer or professor know you want to give SLV.Global a quick shout out in one of your lectures or seminars. You can provide students with a brief description of SLV.Global, let everyone know that you have been out on a placement and that if anyone has any questions they can get in touch - you will be able to find all of the information that you need on your portal. Leave some flyers with your email address on for people to collect as they leave. You can find a short set of slides in your toolkit that you can add your own pictures to and use in a lecture shoutout.

✔️ Post on your VLE

What's a VLE I hear you ask? It's a Virtual Learning Environment! Sometimes these are called Moodle or Blackboard, every university has their own version. Find out if you could post something about SLV.Global on the VLE at your university. Don't forget to include your profile link!

✔️ Host a stall on campus

Set up a stand in your students' union, outside a lecture theatre, wherever you see fit! Get creative and make the stall as attractive to students as possible. This could work really well if you have a couple of hours in between lectures and want to boost those contact numbers!

✔️ Post in Facebook groups for your year or course

This can be a great way to reach a large number of students in one go. Remember to share your profile so that students can request an information pack or encourage them to drop you a message to talk about your time on placement.

✔️ Share your SLV.Global Ambassador profile on social media

Instagram stories, Twitter, LinkedIn - the world is your oyster! The quickest way to collect contacts and encourage others to find out more is to share your profile in as many places as you can think of.

✔️ Publish an article

We love reading about your placement and of course seeing your photos - universities love it too! Your article could be posted on a student website, the university press or a website dedicated to Psychology. We will be able to help you to edit your article and make sure it’s the best it can be! Click here for a few examples.

✔️ Share Facebook posts from SLV.Global staff

Our staff write some incredible blogs about everything from the skills you can gain by going on a placement with SLV.Global to fundraising tips! You can have a read here and share some of your favourites.

✔️ Get an email sent out to fellow students

See if one of the Psychology or careers department team members can send an email to all Psychology students with information about SLV.Global and our placements. Please include your SLV.Global Ambassador profile so that students can get in touch with any questions they may have. Let us know if you are planning on sending out an email, as the content needs to be approved by the team. You can find a template in your toolkit, but feel free to give this your own personal spin!

This list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just a few ideas that can help you to get into the SLV.Global Ambassador role. If you have an idea but you’re not sure how to go about doing it, speak to your supervisor or post about it in the SLV.Global Ambassador Facebook group. You never know, one of your team members might just have the answers you need!

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Fancy stepping it up a gear? Hosting events on campus is the best way to earn some extra cash at the same time as telling your fellow students about what we do and what your experience with us was like.

We have provided a list of event ideas that work well on campus and are available for you to get cash money from us to say "thank you"! 💸

If you want to get creative, please do! 🖌 We’re always keen to hear about new ways to reach students and spread the SLV.Word.

✔️ Host an information session

Give fellow students more information about our placements and an opportunity to ask questions by holding an info session. To get the ball rolling, book a lecture hall or tutorial room to hold the info session in. Send all of the event details to your supervisor and together we will make sure the event is a success!

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy speaking in front of students you can work behind the scenes and organise an information session by booking a room to host it in, help to promote the talk and we will be able to organise someone else to speak at it.

✔️ Freshers fairs

Does your Psychology society have a stall at the freshers fair? See if you can join them on their stand and talk to students about our placement opportunities. This could be a great way to promote an information session that you're holding later on in the semester.

✔️ Pizza party

Who doesn't love pizza?! 🍕 Having a small incentive like food can really increase the number of people at your event, it can make it much more relaxed and people will be eager to hear all about your time on placement!

✔️ Workshops

Why not give an example of one of your sessions or workshops on placement? A small animal yoga session can get everyone up and moving and give everyone a taste of what it's like to be at one of our projects.

✔️ Host an event with your Psychology society

Speak to the president of your Psych Soc and see if they would give you an opportunity to speak at one of their meetings. You might even convince one of the committee to join!

✔️ Q&A sessions

This can be tagged onto any of the other events we've mentioned. The one question that is music to our ears is 'How do I sign up?!'

If you're asked a question and you're not sure of the answer, just let the student know that you will make a note of the question and their contact details and get back to them. Speak with your supervisor and they will be able to give you the correct information. Please don't make up any answers!

✔️ Careers fairs

We regularly get approached by universities and societies inviting us to various fairs and events that take place throughout the academic year and we love to send SLV.Global Ambassadors to represent us! However, as you spend more time at the university than we do, you might be the first to hear about an event. If so, please get in touch with us before agreeing to go as we may be out of place at a general careers fair, being a volunteering organisation.

Any university organised events need to be approved before any payments can be made. To do this, we need at least 2 weeks notice of an event. We want each of your events to be as successful as possible, and this time leading up to the event can be used to do some extra advertising to make sure the event is as well attended as possible. You would be welcome to go to an event if you really want to but we wouldn’t always pay you to go - it could be a fantastic opportunity for you to collect contacts, which we would pay you for if any apply.

The event could be careers, volunteering or psychology-focused and are a great opportunity to chat with students and to tell them about your time with us on placement.

✔️ Above & beyond

Feel free to hold any additional information sessions, activities, events, fairs - the list is endless! The more you do the more you get, it’s a win/win situation! If you choose to do any additional events, try to speak to a different group of students, maybe another year group? Whilst the majority of our volunteers are from a psychology background and still studying or newly graduated, we still love to speak with postgraduate students or students who are studying subjects such as Education, Sociology, etc. Just let us know what you are planning on doing and we will be able to help where we can and ensure that you get any payments you’re due.

Please provide your SLV.Global Ambassador Supervisor with all of the event details, minimum 2 weeks before the big day! We need these details ASAP so that we can help you to be as successful as possible within the SLV.Global Ambassador role! 🙌