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The SLV.Global Story

In 2010 a group of recent psychology graduates, led by Lucy Nightingale, made the decision to put their degrees to good use and journeyed to Sri Lanka, where the resources for those living with mental illness were scarce. Equipped with experience and optimism, these intrepid adventurers joined forces with the incredibly insightful and dedicated Sri Lankan youth worker, Yasintha, and together they founded SLV.Global and our Mental Health Placements were born. 

Recently we've extended our reach to include Bali. Our aim is to continue to focus on global mental health by providing volunteers the chance to gain much desired psychology work experience in various communities that need extra support. Volunteers on all of our placements have the opportunity to learn from local professionals to increase their knowledge and enhance their skill sets whilst being immersed in cultures as warm and exciting as the countries themselves. 

As we've grown, our desire and passion for learning about different cultural approaches to mental health treatment has too. Our newest program, a week-long educational experience in India, is facilitated by local clinical psychologists and gives participants the opportunity to delve into the ways that ancient Eastern traditions like yoga and meditation can complement modern clinical psychology to promote positive mental health. 

All of our placements are designed to provide maximum benefit to the communities where we work and at the same time give volunteers the opportunity to gain highly valuable experience in the mental health sector, which can help your CV stand out and lead to incredible career development. We're dedicated to being different and that means prioritising the quality of the work we do over a holiday experience. Don't let our Instagram fool you, we work hard. We just happen to do it in beautiful places. 


Meet the Team

University Partnerships

We partner with numerous universities around the world and you can see what they have written about our placements by clicking on their logo. If you wish to be a university partner or want to find out more about our University Partnership Programme please contact our Relationships Manager, Kate, on  


Local Partnerships

We partner with local NGOs, charities, hospitals and universities in each country where we run our placements. This ensures we are working sensitively within the culture and that we are working with those who know the country best.