1 - Use online fundraising sites

Crowdfunding is huge right now and there are so many great online fundraising sites you can use to get your funds together for your placement. Gofundme, FundMyTravel and pledgie are all fab sites where you can raise money from people you know, and maybe people you don’t, to help you on the way to your adventure. The key to any fundraising page you use is simple: spread the word!


If you are living in the UK, we’re now partnered with easyfundraising – the UK’s biggest retail fundraising website. Sign up your SLV.Global placement and you can receive a free donation every time you, friends and family shop online. Whether it is your flights, insurance or just your weekly shop; if you ever wanted an excuse for a bit of retail therapy, this is it.


2 - Apply for a university grant

If you’re still at university, you should definitely tap into this resource and see if there is any money available from your university's Employability or Careers department. Often universities encourage their students to broaden their horizons, and their minds, with overseas placements related to their course.

Eligibility can vary, as can the amount of money available, but we partner with a whole bunch of universities, both here in the UK and worldwide, so we recommend really looking into this option. If you can’t see your uni below and want to know more info on what your university can offer, our University Liaison Officer, Alice, is a fountain of knowledge and will be able to help you out. We are always happy to provide you with a pre-volunteering reference too if it’s needed - just ask!



3 - Apply for sponsorships from councils or local organisations

An often more unknown option when fundraising, is speaking with local organisations and councils local to you, to see if they have any sponsorship opportunities available. There are so many companies who like to donate money to volunteers, like yourself, looking to spend time and effort to help with projects overseas.

An amazing example of this is the Jack Petchey Foundation, who provides financial help to volunteers from London or Essex, UK. If you need some more advice on how to approach a company and ask for money, read our blog for some super-savvy advice. A very important rule to follow when it comes to fundraising is if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


4 - Host an event or take up a challenge

We understand it can be nerve-wracking asking your nearest and dearest for money, so why not make it fun for everyone involved! Whether it is an auction, a bake sale or a cinema screening, there are loads a amazing event ideas where you can ask for a small entry fee or donation. This will help your pennies stack up, but also means everyone can get together for an amazing night! Volunteers have been super inventive in the past with their activity ideas, and we’re always happy to share our bank of creative, event ideas with you all too!

5 - Receive donations as gifts or presents

One of the best things about booking onto one of our placements quite far in advance is not only more time to get your fundraising underway, but it also means you will most likely have a birthday or public holiday between now and your placement start date! Why not ask for donations from your family instead of the usual gifts of holiday cheer? A bit of extra money in the fundraising pot may be more useful than a potentially unwanted present - but then again, that’s just us!